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Freelance Editing Services

Book Editing, Article Editing, Thesis Editing & More

From scientific papers to non-fiction books to dissertation editing, Holly Monteith’s editing services have polished countless manuscripts to make them ready for submission and publication. Holly’s full-services editing dives deep into a project to examine everything from grammar and spelling to clarity of expression and presentation to consistency and style conformance. In addition to editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, usage, and style, Holly typically addresses the following issues when performing specific editing services:

  • Non-fiction book editing: Manuscript preparation and copy editing prior to publication for a clean, well-written, internally consistent, and professionally presented manuscript
  • Self-publishing: From editing to layout and design, Holly can prepare your manuscript for publication in print and e-book formats by providing print-ready book interiors and upload-ready Kindle and EPUB files
  • Doctoral dissertation editing and thesis editing: Style conformance (APA/Chicago), clarity, consistency, reference/citation checking, table/figure formatting, tables of contents, title pages, appendices, and more, including working with university dissertation guidelines and advisor recommendations
  • Scholarly journal editing: Style conformance, basic fact checking, reference/citation checking, table, figure, and equation editing, and more, including working with your chosen journal of submission’s author guidelines — she can also assist with peer review revise and submits
  • Organizational report editing: Readability, structural analysis, trademarks and permissions, and more

Every project is different: While one client may have specific thesis editing needs, another may require formatting and editing of a non-fiction manuscript prior to self-publishing. Holly customizes her editing services to address each client’s needs and wants. The process begins with a free initial consultation; after an initial manuscript assessment and discussion, Holly provides an estimate and a defined scope, along with answers to client questions or concerns. All projects, be they for full book editing or dissertation editing, come with a legally binding agreement that protects the client’s best interests.

Holly is always accessible and eager to ensure the smoothest editing process for every client. No question or concern is too small, and Holly is always available for questions, even after work has concluded.

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Editing Services: What to Expect

With highly specialized experience, Holly handles everything from hard-science thesis editing to general non-fiction publications. A Microsoft Word and LaTeX expert, Holly ensures that clients get

  • Mechanics: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, usage, and style (e.g., APA, Chicago, journal- or publisher-specific style requirements)
  • Readability: Ease and clarity of expression
  • Style: APA, Chicago, or other style needs
  • Formatting/structure: Document formatting, equation setting, figure/table formatting and placement, and more
  • Publish-ready files: Print, Kindle, and EPUB interior design for self-publishing
  • References and citations: Editing, correct usage, and cross-checking
  • Record of changes: All documents are edited with changes tracked so that each client will have a full record of all edits made to his or her manuscript


Holly will work with you, as part of the editing process, to ensure that your manuscript is complete. Your finished product is a fully edited, professionally formatted document ready for submission or publication.

Learn more about why clients choose Holly for their editing services or contact Holly today for your free initial consultation.